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In collaboration with Lærke Lauesen

On entering the dark side of the moon.

Imagine your inner space. A place where there are no limits to your imagination. But don’t stop there, go further. Watch your shadows, look at them. This is your darkest world. Make yourself ready. 


Now -


Go into the shadows. 


Feel the change in the air. Feel the world alter. Breathe in the new air. 


Look around you - explore the world that you have now entered. 


This is your night park. Your so-called dark side of the moon. 


The moon is shining its cold light upon your subconsciousness.


Do you like what you see? Does it frighten you? Does it make you quiver with anticipation? 


Isn’t it marvellous that you are here?  You can feel it -  even smell the wet grass in your inner night park.


 Doesn’t everything transform so differently in the moonlight? 


This is what you can do; You can either choose to leave it and forget it - or you can choose to take it with you. 



The latter we recommend.

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