Natascha C. Petersen


Natascha Christina Petersen is a Berlin based photographer born in 1994. Her father is Danish and her mother Brazilian. Growing up with two cultures in her home, she always questioned everything around her. She never found one place to settle, the beach in her hometown, a small-ish harbor town in Denmark called Helsingør, never quite smelled the same as the beaches in Brazil. However, this feeling of never being sure and always looking for meaning, became the ground for her art. To her, art is a tool to understand cultures, societies and herself. With photography she ask questions and searches for answers.

She went to Holbæk Kunsthøjskole where she recieved a diploma, where she studied photography, design, litterature and jewlery design. She is currently taking her bachelor of art at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, majoring in photography.

Natascha is part of the art group Untitled Project where she has exhibited in 2019 at Das Gift with the exhibition Untitled. With the group she has also exhibited at CLB in the exhibition Threads of Yesterday also in 2019.


Threads of Yesterday - CLB - 2019

Untitled - Das GiftRaum - 2019

False Front  - GlogauAir - 2018

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