Natascha Christina Petersen is a Berlin based photographer, born in 1994. She grew up in Denmark, and is part Brazilian and part Danish. She studied Art and Culture in an International Perspective in Denmark, and in 2016 she recieved a diploma for studying drawing, literature and writing, photography, jewellery crafting and design. She is currently taking her B.A in Photography at Berlinische Technische Kunsthochschule in Berlin.

Artist statement

There are few things in life, if not none, that will not provoke a question inside of you. When this happens, you will want an answer, which you will not always get. This will ironically enough lead to more questions, and also a bigger craving for more answers. But to fathom the world around us, I think that it is crucial to do these inquiries. In my work, I question society, myself and others by staging my surroundings to understand what seems, to be many constantly changing realities, squeezed together in one. I use photography to visualize the many questions I have and the many answers I seek. 


Haare oder Hair - Marc Antoine Hair-studio - 2019-2020 

Threads of Yesterday
- CLB - 2019

Untitled - Das GiftRaum - 2019

False Front  - GlogauAir - 2018

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