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The moon glides in on the outstretched fabric of blues

Flaunting her silver dress 

She whispers tales of secrets and untold truths


The sun whips his last rays of light 

stabbing the sky bloody

Once again, he must retreat with no one daring to look him in the eye

His sadness so deep 


The sky cancels itself out 

As to say that it will not take part in this fight 

No, the sun ought to surrender 

The moon must take over 


The wind has to go cold and the birds must go to bed

Or else, when will we all rest? It shouts

So the sun must bow its head

Retreat to the never-ending loneliness


This is the cue for the moon

She spreads out her hair and lets it fall through the sky 

Into our minds 

Her sighs surrounding us


The sky slowly turns see-through 

so that the stars can finally come out

each of them bringing light into the night 

and tales of the many sleeping lives they’ve seen


And I am in a never ending loop 

pushed through the atmosphere 

and pulled by gravity


Suddenly, I turns still

I have become all and nothing 

Her silver hair entangles in my thoughts 

Bringing them all to order

So I become day and night 

And the ritualized battle 

And as I liquify 


I become zero

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