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VITA Natascha Christina Petersen is a Copenhagen based photographer, born in 1994. She did her Bachelor of Arts in Photography at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin. 

ARTIST STATEMENT Art is the perfect tool for inquiries. It allows not only the artist to search for answers through the process of creating the artwork, but it also lets the viewer in on the quest for answers, while providing a small piece of the artist's mind. It is the ultimate way to see into the minds of others and see the world through their eyes. The photographic medium is no exception. It does what no other medium can; it forces the viewer to ask what is real, and what is not. By its very process of automatically imprinting, it commences a play between reality and fiction, creating alternatives truths, realities, and universes entwined with reality. It even challenges time. This is why it is my medium of preference. It is the perfect source for questioning the world around me, as it provides me with data that cannot be fiction. What is truly curious is how one uses this data to challenge how we perceive the world in the twentieth-first century.


2021:  After the Fall

      Formerly Known as fk-Kollektiv - Berlin

2019-2020:  Haare oder Hair

      Marc Antoine Hairstudio - Berlin

2019:  Everything Home is Far Away

      Formerly Known as fk-Kollektiv - Berlin

2019:  Threads of Yesterday

      CLB - Berlin    

2019:  Untitled

      Das Gift - Berlin

2018:  False Front

      GlogauAir - Berlin

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